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Feminism is Relevant

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“Feminists hate men, don’t they?”

My boyfriend and I are lying in bed, having one of those conversations we have before falling asleep.

I look at my boyfriend, bewildered. It’s too dark for him to see, though, so I have to communicate verbally.

“I always thought that Feminism was about how women are better than men.”

That makes more sense, but it’s still pretty sad. “That’s not what Feminism’s about at all.”

“Then what is Feminism about,” he asks.

I think for a moment, articulating my view.
“Feminism’s about equality. Feminism’s about women and men being equals.”

“But men and women are equals. So Feminism’s irrelevant. Everyone’s Feminist by that definition.”

I shrug, not sure how to counter that.

A few days later, after doing some reading, I come back to the topic.
“Women, on average, make less money in their lifetimes than men. Women can obtain low-level jobs, but are promoted less and less the farther up the career ladder you go.”
“Feminism is not irrelevant.”

The more I read, the more I research, the more I realize how relevant Feminism is. The wage gap still exists.

In Ohio, a young girl goes to a party with two football players. She gets drunk, passes out (because it’s a party, and that’s what people do at parties). The football players rape her.
And while covering the story, all CNN can talk about is “those poor boys, had such promising futures”.
The internet explodes with rape apologetics. “Anyone would have done that,”
“What was she thinking, dressing that way?”
“That’s what she gets for getting drunk.”–steubenville-high-school-football-players-found-guilty-of-raping-16-year-old-girl-164129528.html

At North Carolina University, a student is sexually assaulted. When she speaks out about her attackers, the school threatens to expel her.

Stories like these, are why Feminism is still relevant.
I wish it wasn’t.


Author: mavenzelle

I'm an atheist, feminist, child-free young adult.

One thought on “Feminism is Relevant

  1. *Note*
    This exchange was from my (very vague, not very reliable) memory, and took place a long, long time ago (in a galaxy far away).
    His opinions have changed a lot since then.

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